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An Oscar® qualifying, New Zealand’s only and Australasia’s premiere international documentary film festival


The 12th edition will be held in Wellington 10 – 21 May 2017 and Auckland 24 May – 5 June 2017.


Submission closed on 15 Janaury 2017

2017 FILMS


United States | 2017 | 92 min | English | Alexandre Philippe

A look at the iconic shower murder scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho that profoundly changed the course of world cinema.

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A Good Day to Die – Hoka Hey

New Zealand,Malaysia,Canada,Netherlands | 2016 | 87 min | English,Spanish | Harold Monfils

British war photographer, Jason P. Howe, chose a life of perpetual peril in pursuit of the perfect image for the world to see - but at what cost?

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A Journey Around the Moon

France | 2016 | 76 min | French | Ila Bêka, Louise Lemoine

An insight into the wide-reaching impact of design that provides an inspiring framework for the modern architectural narrative.

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A Weakness

Ethiopia,United States | 2017 | 16 min | English | Mo Scarpelli

One artist's decision to speak out about the fraught and deadly situation in his country could cost him his life.

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Aida’s Secrets

Israel,Germany,United States | 2016 | 91 min | English,Hebrew | Alon Schwarz

Long-lost brothers separated at birth, undertake to reclaim their history as they uncover decades of complex family history.

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Norway,Palestine | 2016 | 80 min | Arabic,English | Mohamed Jabaly

A film director risk his life in this deeply personal story as he joins the ambulance crew attending to the wounded and the dead in Gaza.

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Beauties of the Night

Mexico | 2016 | 91 min | Spanish | María José CUEVAS

Mexico's burlesque showgirls during the disco era of the 1970s and '80s and their lives today.

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Becoming Warren Buffett

United States | 2017 | 90 min | English | Peter W. Kunhardt, Brian Oakes

Daily life in the world of the unusual but well-respected U.S. billionaire investor, and super-philanthropist Warren Buffett.

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Bitter Sweet

New Zealand | 2016 | 14 min | English | Ella Becroft, Ilai Amir

Can NZ refugee youth recreate the love, loss and estrangement in Shakespeare's classic Romeo and Juliet?

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Born in Syria

Spain,Denmark | 2016 | 86 min | Arabic,Kurdish,French,English | Hernán Zin

The Syrian Civil War saw four million displaced refugee children. This is their story.

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Bride of the Nile

France,Egypt | 2015 | 63 min | Arabic | Edouard Mills-Affif

A drama of tragic proportions in an Egyptian village where a young woman must marry a man she does not love.

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Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

United States | 2016 | 94 min | English | Fisher Stevens, Alexis Bloom

A poignant look at the epic mother and daughter relationship of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

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Brillo Box (3¢ off)

United States | 2016 | 40 min | English | Lisanne Skyler

A 1969 Andy Warhol Brillo box goes from a family's living room to Christie's auction rooms selling for a record-breaking $3 Million.

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Burma Storybook

Netherlands,Norway | 2017 | 81 min | Burmese | Petr Lom

After decades in the iron grip of dictatorship, Myanmar poets can finally express themselves freely using poetry.

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California Typewriter

United States | 2016 | 104 min | English | Doug Nichol

The love affair between a Berkeley sales and service company and the typewriters it endearingly looks after.

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Delaney Davidson : Devil In The Parlour

New Zealand | 2016 | 60 min | English | Harley Williams

A musical journey with NZ’s travelling troubadour Delaney Davidson, a loop maestro, noir protagonist, promotional coyote and production svengali.

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Fallen Flowers, Thick Leaves

Netherlands,Germany | 2017 | 80 min | Chinese | Laetitia Schoofs

Chinese women candidly talk sexual emancipation in the "Vagina Dialogues" Chinese style.

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For Ahkeem

United States | 2017 | 89 min | English | Jeremy S. Levine, Landon Van Soest

Black Lives Matter - an inspirational coming-of-age portrait of a black teenager in a marginalised St. Louis neighbourhood.

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In Search of Perfect Consonance

Hong Kong | 2016 | 39 min | English,Cantonese,Mandarin,Japanese | Ruby Yang

Against the backdrop of the Asian Youth Orchestra, young people connect through the higher ideals that music inspires.

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Joe’s Violin

United States | 2016 | 24 min | English | Kahane Cooperman

A Holocaust survivor donates his violin, changing the life of a 12-year old girl living in the Bronx, and unexpectedly his own.

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Ken Dewey: This Is A Test

United States,New Zealand | 2016 | 91 min | English | Sally Williams

Ken Dewey's quest to express the highest of human ideals through art helped shape a generation was cut short by tragedy.

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Last Men in Aleppo

Denmark,Syria,Germany | 2017 | 105 min | Arabic | Feras Fayyad

An unforgettable portrait of three reluctant heroes trying to save Aleppo and its people.

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Making Good Men

New Zealand | 2016 | 46 min | English | Fiona Apanui-Kupenga

Two famous Kiwis, an actor and an All Black, meet by chance again years after their boarding school bullying relationship with each other.

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Mattress Men

Ireland,United Kingdom,Sweden,Norway | 2016 | 81 min | English | Colm Quinn

An effervescent look at eccentric Irish online persona 'Mattress Mick' - a struggling bed sales man and his sensational jig with fame.

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Max Gimblett: Original Mind

Australia,United States | 2017 | 50 min | English | Rhys Mitchell

A stunning portrait of Max Gimblett, eccentric and creative genius and the philosophy behind his beautiful art.

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Moko: A Film about a Maori Poet

New Zealand | 2016 | 7 min | English | Félix Vaunois

A modern-day Maori poet and his inner conflict with self and the way words can affect people.

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Naledi: A Baby Elephant’s Tale

United States | 2016 | 91 min | English | Ben Bowie and Geoff Luck -

An orphaned African baby elephant's tale of survival against the odds.

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On an Unknown Beach

New Zealand | 2016 | 91 min | English | Adam Luxton, Summer Agnew

A cinematic alchemy of three New Zealand explorers and their reflections on unique environmental landscapes of ruin.

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Plastic China

China | 2016 | 82 min | Chinese | Jiu-Liang Wang

A portrait of poverty, ambition and hope set in a world of waste via China's deep issue with plastic manufacturing.

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Rebels On Pointe

Canada | 2017 | 90 min | English,Italian,Japanese,Spanish | Bobbi Jo Hart

In 1974, a group of New York men in drag revolutionised ballet into a world wide cult sensation.

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United States,Japan | 2016 | 86 min | Arabic,Burmese,English,French | Thomas Lennon

A global portrait exploring religious rituals around the world from birth to death.

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United States | 2017 | 9 min | Arabic | Jodie Livingston, Marco Bollinger

A Syrian girl, Fatima, tells her harrowing story of escape from war as she tries to rebuild her life and pursue her dream of music and school.

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United States | 2016 | 68 min | English | Delaney Ruston

The impact of the digital age on children and how to help them minimize harmful effects and find balance.

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Stranger in Paradise

Netherlands | 2016 | 72 min | English | Guido Hendrikx

In a Sicilian classroom, the relationship between Europe and refugees play out at the boundary between documentary and drama.

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United States | 2016 | 80 min | English | Jessie Auritt

When a nine-year-old girl breaks a powerlifting world record, she turns into an international phenomenon and “Supergirl” is born.

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Thank You for Playing

United States | 2015 | 80 min | English | David Osit & Malika Zouhali-Worrall

Parents Ryan and Amy Green create a poignant, poetic video game to honour their son who has terminal cancer.

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The Age of Consequences

United States | 2016 | 80 min | English | Jared Scott

A look at climate change and resource scarcity through the lens of U.S. national security and global stability.

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The Cinema Travellers

India | 2016 | 96 min | Hindi | Shirley Abraham, Amit Madheshiya

Travelling Indian movie houses and the lives of the men behind them create a nostalgic portrait of a changing medium.

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The Common Touch

New Zealand | 2017 | 40 min | English | Mason Cade Packer

A testament to the power of speech in face of the threat of death for a young New Zealand school boy.

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The Magic Pill

Australia,United States | 2017 | 90 min | English | Robert Tate, Pete Evans

Can fat as main food source be a game change in terms of our health and nutrition?

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The Mute’s House

Israel | 2015 | 32 min | Hebrew,Arabic | Tamar Kay

An 8-year-old Palestinian boy and his deaf mother are the last residents of a deserted building in the Israeli part of Hebron.

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The Opposition

Australia | 2016 | 77 min | English | Hollie Fifer

In Papua New Guinea Joe Moses races to save 3,000 village people from eviction by an Australian land developer.

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The Promise

Germany,United States | 2016 | 117 min | English,German | Marcus Vetter, Karin Steinberger

A criminal investigation on two young lovers and the horrific 1985 murder of the woman’s parents. Who fell into whose trap?

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The Pulitzer at 100

United States | 2016 | 94 min | English | Kirk Simon

Celebrating 100 years of the Pulitzer as the gold standard of excellence in journalism and the arts within a free democracy.

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The Reel People of New Zealand

New Zealand | 2016 | 30 min | English | Nicholas Homler

A visually aided essay about the past, present and possible future of cinema in New Zealand.

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The Tuhoe Color

New Zealand | 2016 | 11 min | English | Sebastian Vidal Bustamante

Tame Wairere Iti - the artist and the creative space he created in Taneatua at the centre of the Tuhoe heartland.

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The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev

Israel | 2016 | 74 min | Hebrew,Russian,Tagalog | Tal Barda, Noam Pinchas

A musical odyssey following Tajikistan's version of the Jacksons and life behind the scenes.

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The Workers Cup

United Kingdom | 2017 | 89 min | English,Hindi,Arabic,Nepalese | Adam Sobel

In Qatar where the FIFA World Cup 2022 is being built, migrant workers compete in their own football tournament.

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Theater of Life

Canada | 2016 | 94 min | Italian,English | Peter Svatek

Celebrity chefs cook at an innovative soup kitchen recycling food from the Milan World Fair 2015 to feed the poor and homeless.

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This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

United States | 2017 | 91 min | English | Barbara Kopple

A male diving champion diver becomes a Youtube sensation while transitioning to become a cover girl.

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Tokyo Idols

Canada,United Kingdom | 2017 | 89 min | Japanese | Kyoko Miyake

The heart of a cultural phenomenon driven by the fan obsession with Japanese girl bands and young female sexuality.

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We Are People Too: Stories From The Jungle

United States | 2017 | 21 min | English | Stephanie Meurer

The refugee camp known as the 'Jungle' is symbolic of the issues faced by refugees in Europe today.

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Where Has All the Play Gone?

United States | 2016 | 35 min | English | Kirk Simon

Does extended play in early childhood benefit the children and what are some of the other effects associated?

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Whitney, Can I Be Me

United Kingdom,United States | 2017 | 100 min | English | Nick Broomfield, Rudi Dolezal

What led Whitney Houston to that tragic and fatal Beverley Hills hotel bathroom finale?

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Wilbur: The King in the Ring

New Zealand | 2017 | 90 min | English | J.Ollie Lucks, Julia Parnell

A former pro-wrestler agrees to let his best friend make a documentary about his gastric sleeve surgery and subsequent transformation.

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10 – 21 MAY 2017



24 MAY – 5 JUNE 2017



What happens when the film finishes? Don’t you wish you could hear from the film maker or debate issues that the film raises?
So we created DOC Talks – where hot topics and film makers come together.
During this year’s festival, a curated selection of films with the filmmakers will engage the audience with in-depth conversation for an hour after the film screenings. These sessions are free to attend and open to the public. It will be held during weekends across both Wellington and Auckland so check out the schedule.
Come watch a film and get engaged!


Wilbur: The King in the Ring
Docs4Schools connects school students year 5-13, with the latest documentaries from around the world. Generously supported by the Rei Foundation, the Docs4Schools programme includes free in-theatre documentary screenings for schools in Auckland and Wellington during the DocEdge Festival in May/June each year. In 2017, Docs4Schools will pilot an in-school programme.


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