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Belgium 2011 / 90min. / Flemish with English subtitles.
Director Manno Lanssens. Producer Ellen De Waele.

Neel, a strong and committed woman, has always been at the centre of her family. She was diagnosed with gastric and oesophageal cancer. She eventually stopped her treatment knowing that the cancer cells in her body will grow again. Paradoxically, she feels in good shape, much fitter than she felt since being diagnosed.

Within a few months, her cancer will return and it will be impossible for her to function anymore. She is determined to live her remaining time to the fullest. Her husband Mark (57), children Sanne (28), Wannes (26) and Judith (17) try to enjoy her for as long as possible and gather lasting memories.

We follow them throughout the last months of Neel’s life and see how they cope with this difficult and confronting situation.
An extraordinary woman, Neel deals with her illness and impending death in an unusually open and lucid way. She has a very personal vision regarding the end of life and feels that we should get back to a more natural way of approaching death.

With intimate access, this is a unique insight into Neelís final months. It reveals that which is often forcibly hidden and ultimately reconnects us back with life itself.


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Festivals and Awards

  • FIPA Biarritz 2012
  • Montreal World FF 2011
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