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Beautifully recreated and gripping narrative about the events leading to the capture of a notorious WWII criminal. -Documentary Edge


Eichmann’s End — Love, Treachery, Death

Germany 2010 / 90min. / Spanish, German with English subtitles.
Director Raymond Ley. Producers Jasmin Gravenhorst, Hartmut Klenke.
Axel Milberg, Herbert Knaup, Ulrich Tukur

In 1950, Nazi Adolf Eichmann disappears. Years later, former Dutch SS member and journalist Willem Sassen finds Eichmann, alias Ricardo Klement, in Argentina. He persuades Eichmann to talk about his past, meeting many times in the presence of other Nazis hiding in Argentina. They banter about the “murderer Eichmann” who maintains his “innocence” and about the deportations which he “only ordered” or which he – a “cog in the wheel” — simply helped to organize.

Jewish Holocaust survivor Lothar Hermann also immigrated to Argentina. In an incredible twist of fate, his 15 year old daughter Sylvia falls in love in 1956 with Eichmann’s son Nick. Sylvia brings Nick to her parents’ apartment. There, the nearly-blind Lothar Hermann “discerns” Nick’s anti-Semitic views and hears him talk about a book that Eichmann is writing.

Hermann contacts German State Attorney General Fritz Bauer, who in turn informs his Israeli colleagues. The Israeli secret service Mossad remain unconvinced that a blind man could have tracked down the elusive Eichmann. Finally in Buenos Aires, Sylvia joins her father’s research and bravely, rings the bell at Eichmann’s house and discovers the truth about the man who is the father of her beloved.

Director Ley‘s film is a pulsating and cinematic recreation of an investigation into a dark chapter in our history.


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